DIALECT FOR ALL SEASONS -Cultural Diversity as Tool and Directive for Dialect Researchers and Translators edited by Irmeli Helin.

Nodus Publikationen Münster 2008. 230 S., EUR 38,50.


Irmeli Helin: Preface //
Delia Chiaro: Where have all the varieties gone? The vicious circle of the disappearance act in screen translations //
Ann Wehmeyer: Selective subtitling of non-standard speech on Japanese television //
Diana Bianchi: Translating tough talk. The dubbing of Glaswegian speaking characters into Italian //
Hilkka Yli-Jokipii: Finding the big picture behind dialect in multimedia. A framework for preliminary steps, with emphasis on screen translation from English into Finnish //
Herta Maurer-Lausegger: Audiovisual documentation of dialect in bilingual situations (Slovene/German) //
Günter Koch: German dialects as multimedialects on television //
Koloman Brenner: Variance on the dialectal continuum in the German national minority programme “Unser Bildschirm” in Hungary //
Leena Immonen: Let them talk. The function and variation of speech in television news //
Giovanni Nadiani: Transit Text. How Walter Benjamin stood godfather to the development of a translation-multimedia-product and helped dialectic poetry to an ‘alter-life’ //
Minna Hjort: The terminological challenge of studying swearwords //
Danila Zuljan Kumar: On translating discourse markers in dialectal Slovenian texts //
Klaus Geyer: Translating dialectal reported speech. Contributions of a functional-typological approach //
Jožica Škofic: Translating and explaining dialectal terminology //
Ulrich Langanke: Neuro-Fuzzy systems and linguistically authorized data sets. A methodological approach to modelling language and its subsets //
Irmeli Helin: Dialect songs – images of our time or a way to escape from globalization? //
Mihaela Koletnik: The Prekmurje dialect in popular music