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Translating Dialects and Languages of Minority

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This site is intended as a resource for scholars and students with an interest in the translation of dialects in multimedia contexts; a complex, interdisciplinary subject area involving linguistics, communication studies, film studies and translation studies as well as other areas of cultural studies, sociology and other disciplines.

Some of the topics which will be covered by the material on this site include: dubbing, subtitling films in dialect and linguistic varieties; theatre translation; cultural transfer processes in the characteristics of dialects; archaisms, regionalisms, varieties in the continuum between dialect and standard language; diglossia (national language and regional or local language; "official" and "non official" language); the use of new technologies in the translation of dialect.

Translating Dialects and Languages of Minority – Challenges and Solutions

Federico M. Federici (ed)

Peter Lang 2011, Pag. 234

(New Trends in Translation Studies Vol. 6)

This book offers a range of analyses of the multiplicity of options and ideologies attached to rendering, in familiar or unfamiliar voices, languages known as non-standard varieties. The contributions include theoretical reflections, case studies and comparative studies that draw from the full spectrum of translation strategies adopted in rendering non-standard varieties and reflect the endless possibilities of language variation.

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